The top republican in the U-S Senate says this November’s election may be a referendum on the War on Terrorism. Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott held a weekend news conference in Des Moines.While Lott says “all politics is local,” he believes some elections take on broader meanings. He says President Bush’s leadership will be important as the war on terrorism is just beginning. Lott says the threat is still “scary.” Lott says President Bush’s on-going pursuit of terrorists may be a key factor in the election.But Lott says another, perhaps larger factor will be which party is seen as the best at providing personal and economic security for Americans. Lott says who the public believes can do the best job will win, and he says he believes Bush and a Senate that works him is the best choice for voters.Lott was in Iowa to campaign with republican Congressman Greg Ganske, who’s running for the U-S Senate.