The death and dollar count’s been tallied from that fertilizer spill earlier this month on the Floyd River in northwest Iowa. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has been counting up the dead fish since the spill from the Farmer’s Co-op in Sheldon January 7th.Ross Harrison of the D-N-R says the final count was over one million fish worth 119-thousand-500 dollars. Harrison says the fatal fish fiasco set one record.It the second largest number of fish killed, and the record for longest in stream-mile length at 55-point-six miles. Harrison says the Co-op will pay a fee for the fish.They’ll be billed for the cost of replacing the fish and still face potential fines from the state. Harrison can’t say what the penalty might be.He says it takes months to determine the fines in such a case and that will likely come later this year. Approximately eight thousand gallons of the fertilizer made its way into the river after a transfer pipe from a storage tank broke. The kill on the Floyd River came about a month after the record kill of nearly one-point-three million fish on Lotts Creek after an ammonia pipe broke in Whittemore.