The National Alzheimer’s Association started a campaign this week to push for one billion in funding for research by the National Institute of Health. Becky Groff, the Executive Director of the Greater Iowa Alzheimer’s Association, says the funding is needed to continue making progress for a cure. Groff says the importance of the research is highlighted in a recent finding that a procedure called a “PET scan” can identify the plaques and tangles in the brain that’re thought to cause the disease. She says diagnosing the disease that steals a victim’s memory is one of the problems.Previously, the only way to identify the plaques and tangles was through an autopsy of the victim. Groff says the finding also could allow doctors to make a quicker diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Early diagnosis is important so doctors can begin proper treatment and victims can properly plan their lives. Groff says they’re hoping continued research will eventually lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s.