The Iowa Department of Transportation will ask legislators to extend the expiration date on most Iowan’s driver’s licenses.D-O-T spokeswoman Shirley Andre says they’d like to extend the maximum license period from four to five years. Andre says the move could cut down the lines of drivers waiting to renew their licenses.Andre says it would allow them to deliver a better service by giving drivers more time before they have to renew their licenses. She says the D-O-T is aware that extending the renewal period could make it more likely someone who isn’t qualified to keep their license could still be on the roadways.She says they won’t ask to change a rule that require people over 70 to be tested every two years for their license renewal. Andre says there is a trade off of making it more convenient for drivers while not checking their driving condition as often. Andre says the fees for licenses wouldn’t change, but that’s likely to be discussed in the future. She says right now the fees seem to pretty well cover the cost of the issuing the license, although that fee could come under discussion in the future. Andre says there are some two million license drivers in the state. But, she says with renewals, new drivers moving into the state and replacement licenses, they can issue up to one million licenses each year.