At least one non-profit group in Iowa hopes to capitalize on President Bush’s call last night for more Americans to volunteer in their communities. In his State of the Union Address, the President said we need to -quote- “serve goals larger than self.” Althea Holcomb is executive director of Big Brothers-Big Sisters of Central Iowa which connects hundreds of children with role models. She was very pleased to hear the President’s appeal for more volunteerism.Iowa Congressman Tom Latham says volunteering can be a positive response to the “soul-searching” Americans have done since the attacks of September 11th. Holcomb says volunteers at Big Brothers-Big Sisters are paid back, with as much reward or more than what they give a child.Holcomb says the best way to serve the greater good is to work with children, calling kids our state’s most valuable resource. There are 11 Iowa chapters of Big Brothers-Big Sisters. Surf to “” for more information.