Since September 11th, 900 Iowans have been called to active duty in the Guard and Reserve. Iowa National Guard spokesman Colonel Robert King explains an employer’s required only to keep a job open when a worker leaves to serve military time. Any raises, promotions, or earned vacation time is supposed to be accrued. Colonel King says those are rights guaranteed by the “Uniform Services Re-employment Rights Act of 1994.” King hasn’t heard of a single problem for any of the 900 soldiers mobilized in Iowa since September 11. He says those people serve voluntarily, and do it only because they love their country and someone has to do it. Residents in one small Iowa town are divided over a motion to raise money for a reservist called to active duty. The soldier’s also a police officer in Monticello, and supporters want to make up the difference between his military pay and his city salary. Critics say it’s not in the law, and could cause future problems with contract negotiations.