Iowa’s “no-fault” divorce law would be a thing of the past if a bill that cleared a Senate committee becomes law. Today, Iowans can get divorced without citing reasons, like an affair, but the bill would junk that law and also set up a new “covenant marriage” contract in Iowa which requires counseling before marriage, and before a couple may divorce. Republican Senator Neal Schuerer of Amana says “covenant marriages” will be stronger. Schuerer says the research shows marriages have a 50-percent better chance of surviving with pre-martital counseling. He says it will give couples a chance to seriously think about the commitment they’re going to make.But republican Senator Maggie Tinsman of Bettendorf says it’s a bad concept. Tinsman says her main concern is that people will have to hire investigators to verify that their spouse has been unfaithful. She says it’ll just make divorces, “Nastier, very ugly.” She says there should be more counseling about marriage and learning how to communicate.The bill passed the Senate Human Resources Committee yesterday and will next be considered by the full 50-member Senate.