The G-O-P candidate for Iowa Attorney General charges the incumbent democrat A-G has “unethically” accepted over 30-thousand dollars in campaign contributions from three lawyers. David Millage says Attorney General Tom Miller hand-picked those lawyers for the state’s case against cigarette makers, and Miller’s getting a payback for the “sweetheart deal.”Millage says Miller should return the money to the lawyers who donated it.Millage says it’s payback because those attorneys’ law firms are splitting 44-million dollars as part of the tobacco settlement. Millage says technically Miller is within the law, but Millage says a lawyer should avoid even the appearance of improper conduct. Tom Miller says the claims made by his republican opponent are untrue. David Millage said today that the incumbent democrat Miller “unethically” accepted 30-thousand dollars in campaign contributions from three lawyers Miller hand-picked to work the case against tobacco companies. Miller says there was nothing wrong with accepting those campaign donations.Miller says he received contributions from some of his best friends who have been long-time contributors to his campaigns, and who also worked on the tobacco case. Miller says under Millage’s logic, Millage should return money he’s recieved from political action committees that Millage supports. Miller says the campaign donations were not a payback for assigning the lawyers to the case. Miller says when the lawyers were selected, they had not recieved any money in the settlement and there was no discussion about how the money would be split up. Millage admitted that Miller did nothing illegal, but said the A-G should avoid even the appearance of impropriety.