Just over 14 percent of those kicked off Iowa’s welfare rolls have gotten a temporary reprieve. Three-hundred-71 welfare clients were kicked out of Iowa’s welfare system last month because they’d been in the system for five years. Many applied for what’s called a “hardship” exemption, and 54 families who were kicked off welfare last month are back on — for six months. Most of those who got the hardship waiver had some sort of physical or mental disability that prevent them from getting a good paying job. State officials say the rest had a variety of problems, like kicking an addiction, getting out of an abusive relationship, or raising a child with special needs. A few are in the process of finishing schooling or a training program that may land ’em a better job. Iowa Department of Human Services spokesman Roger Munns says the average stay on welfare is 26 months, and very few reach the five-year limit. The 54 families who’ve shown they have great difficulty making it on their own won’t get any special help.