A rolling weekend rally united southwestern Iowans who are against the building of a large hog lot. The rally involved about 120 people and started in Stuart, rolled into Elk Horn, then ended in Harlan at the front door of a developer, Gary Weighs Organizers say the rally was designed to bring together opponents of so-called factory farms. Charley Smith, a farmer in the Coon Rapids area, was among the speakers to hold the megaphone. He says once a hog operation gets started it grows like an infection.Harlan businessman Gary Weighs wants to build a 56-hundred head hog confinement facility near Stuart in the Harrison Township. Weighs wasn’t home when the rally reached his house, but said later in a telephone interview, he’s aware of the residents’ concerns.Petitions carrying more than three thousand names were left at Weighs’ home saying his proposed hog operation is not welcome. Weighs filed for building permits last Friday. The rally was organized by Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement and Iowa Farm Families against Factory Farms.