The Iowa Legislature has voted to let teenagers wash the cars and trucks in car dealerships. The State Labor Commissioner has banned kids from working in car washes, saying they’d be exposed to dangerous chemicals. Republican Representative Cecil Dolecheck of Mount Ayr says that’s ridiculous.Dolecheck says common sense would tell us soaps and cleaners aren’t dangerous or poisonous if teens use appropriate protective equipment. He says car washing is a natural entry-level job for Iowa’s teens.But Democrat Representative Bill Dotzler of Waterloo disagreed. He says the bill allows “any chemical know to man” to be utilized by kids as long as they have protective equipment on.Dotzler says some of the chemicals used for detailing and cleaning cars and tires can get airborne and damage the skin and even internal organs. The bill over-riding the Labor Commissioner’s decision passed the Iowa House last night. It passed the Senate last week, so it’s headed to the Governor for his signature or veto.