The 44-year-old state legislator who had a stroke last week may not return to the Legislature for the rest of the session. State Representative Russell Teig of Jewell had the stroke last Monday, and his wife says his condition’s now been upgraded to good.Sandy Teig says her husband’s getting back some mobility on his left side, but still has split vision.Representative Teig will start in-patient rehabilitation this week, and his wife’s been told it could last up to two months. Family and friends gathered at the couple’s home on Sunday and worked five hours on a remodeling project the Teigs had started. This year in the legislature, Teig — who’s a farmer — was involved in crafting a bill that will set new restrictions for large-scale livestock operations. He was also the manager of a bill that establishes tax breaks for those who invest in risky start-up companies, so called venture capitalists.