When Deere and Company officials met with stockholders yesterday in Moline, Illinois, they had an unhappy customer to deal with. It was the fifth appearance at the annual meeting for Iowa farmer Melroy Buhr of Elma, who owns a defective Deere hay baler and one share of company stock. Buhr won a suit against Deere a few years ago and the company has tried to give him a $30,000 check. But he wants a new baler instead. At the yesterday1s meeting, Buhr proposed that Deere form an overview committee to deal with inadequate employees. He says they are costing stockholders money. Buhr’s proposal was voted down, but Deere chairman Robert Lane says herealizes not all Deere products are perfect. Buhr says stockholders should get in line for some of the $1 million the John Deere Classic golf tournament has contributed to charity.