Iowa Coach Steve Alford isn’t offering his rating of the cable t-v movie “Season on the Brink” that aired last night. The movie from the book of the same name chronicled the 1985 Indiana basketball team under fiery coach Bob Knight. Alford was prominently featured, but he says he can’t judge the movie, other than saying a lot of it didn’t match up to the real thing. Alford says people who were away from the situation might like it, but he says it’s different when you’re a part of it. He says the set didn’t look anything like the real Assembly Hall, and Alford drew laughs from reporters when he said the actors chosen to portray his parents didn’t look anything like them.Much of the movie centered on the profanity-laced tirades Knight directed at his players throughout the season. Alford says the movie didn’t capture the context of those tirades. He says being part of the real life situation you could see the tirades weren’t exactly as portrayed. Alford says seeing someone else communicate to Indiana players in that demeanor is not the same. But, Alford admits he’s biased having played for Knight.Alford wrote a book on his years playing for Knight, but he says you won’t see it made into a movie, as he’s “already done that, and I’m done with that.”Alford has faced a season of adversity as a coach himself. After falling in the championship game of the Big Ten Tournament, Iowa will host an N-I-T game Wednesday night. Iowa plays Louisiana State at 8:30 Wednesday.