Republicans and democrats are feuding over a bill that’d erase some of the state’s liability in a costly court case. Some workers in the Department of Public Safety sued for backpay and overtime, and the courts have sided with the workers. If the state loses all the lawsuits, the state may have to pay up to 30-million dollars. A bill that would erase some of that 30-million dollar liability failed the House last week, and democrat Governor Tom Vilsack says that’s probably a good thing. Vilsack says to change the rules of the game after the game’s already started isn’t the kind of justice he’s familiar with. Vilsack says the problem could’ve been avoided had it been dealt with six years ago. Republicans are steamed because the bill was originally proposed by Vilsack’s own department of personnel and backed by the democrat Attorney General. House Republican Leader Christopher Rants says the bill’s now dead for the year because democrats lined up against it.