Iowa’s largest utility company is asking for an increase in the fee it charges to deliver natural gas. MidAmerican Energy spokesman Kevin Waetke says the company will file a request with the Iowa Utilities Board to increase its delivery charge for natural gas. Waetke says the increase would generate over 26-million dollars for company improvements that would improve the safety of the delivery system and improve the technology for meter readers. Waetke says MidAmerican has around 512-thousand gas customers.If approved, he says the increase would cost the average customer about four-dollars and 50-cents a month. Waetke says the increase would likely take effect later this year.He says the company would expect an interim price increase in June, with a final increase set later this year. While the delivery cost is regulated by the state, the actual cost of the gas being delivered is controlled by the market, and wouldn’t be impacted by this request.