As suicide bombings and other hostilities continue in the Middle East, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says the U-S is playing an important part in trying to end the killing. He says though the role is not to “cram a peace agreement down the throats of either side.”Some critics say the U-S is sending a contradictory message by telling Israel to back off its military actions, since the U-S is involved in its own war in Afghanistan. Grassley says he sees no contradiction, just a lack of understanding about the goals of both nations. Grassley says the U-S isn’t trying to gain any territory, while Israel wants Palestine and its Arab neighbors to respect their boundaries.Grassley says Iowans should be following what’s happening in Israel because it’s an important ally.Grassley says to also remember the Holocaust and how many Jews died at the hands of Nazis when there was no Jewish state to which they could flee during World War Two.