One lawmaker who’ll speak out today during Senate debate has grave concerns about the “livestock tax” that’s included in the bill that sets up stiffer regulations for the industry. State Senator Sandy Greiner of Keota says she’s concerned about the bottom line for young farmers.Greiner says Washington County — her home — is a very “livestock intensive” area, and many of the pork producers are “30-something.” Greiner says hog prices have gotten to the “break even” point for most independent producers, and if farmers are saddled with more taxes, like the “per-pig” fee, they’ll start losing money. Greiner says she fears for what’s ahead for the industry. Greiner’s sons are in the hog business.They are the fifth generation of the family to raise livestock in Washington County. Greiner and her husband, though, no longer raise hogs, as she says it’s a young person’s business.