Iowans from around the state are in Des Moines this weekend to call for getting out of Afghanistan. Kathleen McQuillen is program coordinator for the American Friends Service Committee in Iowa.She says a growing sense of unrest in many communities brings groups like students together. McQuillen says the event, dubbed a “Convergence Against the War,” is not just a public demonstration this time.They’re holding workshops, and the keynote speaker is a well-known author and editor of an Internet magazine, Z-Net. McQuillen says professors from ISU and Drake will lead workshops, and there will also be a public rally this afternoon. McQuillen says sending Secretary of State Colin Powell to mediate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict doesn’t justify our military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq.She says the U-S is returning violence for violence in a cycle that won’t end, and should look at poverty and how the U-S is walking away from international agreements. The “Convergence Against the War” continues Sunday at Drake.