A legislator who’s also a republican candidate for Governor says he won’t vote for more state spending. State Representative Steve Sukup of Dougherty says democrat Governor Tom Vilsack’s made a mistake in calling lawmakers back in “special session” next week to spend more. He says this is the third special session under Vilsack, and says it shows Vilsack’s unable to properly manage the state. Vilsack says republicans didn’t allocate enough for teacher training, prisons or state troopers. He says they’re good items, but he says there’s not enough money to fund them. He says the governor wants to continue adding to the budget and make it worse.Doug Gross, another G-O-P candidate for Governor, said yesterday that the special session is just another Vilsack excuse to spend money the state doesn’t have, and Gross says Vilsack’s spending the state into a tax increase next year. Gross, who’s a lawyer, and Sukup face Bob Vander Plaats of Sioux City in the June 4th republican primary.