It’s not often beauty contest winners bark at competitors and celebrate their victory with a steak dinner — but that’s what happened Monday at Drake University. Jim Jolly of Grinnell owns Fred, a one-and-a-half-year-old bulldog, which won the title of “most beautiful bulldog.” Jolly says Fred is no newcomer to the dog pageant scene, as the dog and his sister won the youngest puppy contest last year when they were six months old.It’s the 23rd annual contest at Drake in Des Moines, which uses the bulldog as its mascot year-round. This particular canine will be escorted around the campus this week for a variety of events connected to the Drake Relays. Jolly says Fred wasn’t fully aware of his new status, but he says Fred enjoyed the camaraderie of the 50 bulldogs in the contest.Jolly gave Fred a celebratory T-bone steak last night to honor the occasion.