Iowa’s Catholic leaders are reviewing the results of the American Cardinals’ meeting at the Vatican this week. Sioux City Bishop Daniel DiNardo says the Cardinals laid out a process for expelling any priest who’s a “notorious, serial” abuser of minors. The Cardinals also single out a second group, those who aren’t “notorious” but may pose a threat to kids, and there’s a question whether those men can serve in some other area. DiNardo says his own church is reviewing its own sexual-misconduct policies, something that’s done every few years, but he’s slowing down waiting to see what happens in June when American Bishops hold an annual conference. While DiNardo says there may be different kinds of abusers, he favors a one-strike-and-you’re-out policy rather than trying to place a priest in some other position.He says even if you find someone who might be rehabilitated, you’ll always wonder whether they could be harmless in another job. DiNardo says honesty is always the best policy in a case of abuse.DiNardo says if a credible allegation turns up, it must be reported to authorities even as the Diocese follows its own internal policy, and victims must be encouraged to report abuse as well. DiNardo came to the Sioux City diocese in 1997 and was appointed Bishop when his predecessor retired in 1998.