Today is deadline day for filing your Iowa taxes. Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance spokesperson Renee Mulvey says some people have waited until the last minute.The majority of the returns are in, with about 100-thousand still out. Mulvey says you need to get the papers in the mail by the end of the business day.She says the return needs to have today’s postmark, and the post offices won’t be staying open later like they do for the federal deadline. Mulvey says many Iowans saved the hassle of mailing their returns and filed them electronically. The number of e-filers is up more than 30-percent over last year as over 620-thousand Iowans have filed electronically. If you don’t have everything ready to go, Mulvey says you need to make some payment of the taxes you owe.Iowa does not have an extension form, but if you pay 90-percent of what you owe, you get an automatic extension to October. You’ll still be charged interest, but no penalty for not filing. Those who’ve filed already are getting more money back.Refunds are averaging 425 dollars, that’s 60 dollars more than last year. For more information on filing, check the Iowa Department of Revenue and Finance’s website.