The University of Iowa is launching a statewide study of drinking water quality, zeroing in on users who have wells as their sole water source, not a public system. Dr. Peter Weyer is heading up the research project.He says 120 communities will be chosen at random across Iowa for water sampling and surveying the well owners. Dr. Weyer directs the U-of-I Center for Health Effects of Environmental Contamination. He says communities that use private wells for their drinking water are not required to monitor for contaminants as others with public systems are required to do. He says they’re strictly looking at the water quality to see if there are any contaminants in the wells.Weyer says the project starts next month and will run into late fall.He says there will be efforts to raise public awareness about potential health risks related to groundwater issues, including a project website, progress reports and regional meetings to inform the public about study results.