Quibbling over one candidate’s work history highlighted the debate last night among the G-O-P candidates for Governor. Steve Sukup says competitor Doug Gross, who’s a lawyer, was an advocate for large-scale livestock operator “Jack” DeCoster when DeCoster first came into the state. He says it’s in the certified minutes of the Hardin County Supervisors that Gross was an advocate for DeCoster.Gross says he was doing legal work for somebody else, he says he was representing a feed service, and has never represented Jack DeCoster.Gross says it’s inappropriate for the republican candidates to be hurling negative attacks at one another. Gross says that’s doing the democrats’ work when they ought to be doing the republicans’ work and letting voters know that Governor Vilsack is not doing a good job for the state.Sukup says Gross’ legal work, including his representation of Dubuque gambling interests, will be a liability in a race against democrat incumbent Tom Vilsack. Sukup says the primary process is designed to establish a contrast between the candidates to let people chose the best candidate. Sukup says Vilsack would use Gross’ lobbying efforts against Gross if they met in a campaign.The third candidate in the race, Bob Vander Plaats, says he’ll stay out of the controversy. He says they need a united republican party.Vander Plaats calls himself a uniter, not a divider. He says he doesn’t want to lower himself to get into petty politics that’ll cause failure in November.Last night’s debate in Sioux City was sponsored by K-T-I-V/Channel Four and K-M-N-S radio. Primary date: June 4th.