The fifth installment in the “Star Wars” movie saga will hit Iowa screens at one-minute past midnight tonight and fans are already lining up for tickets. Darth Vader’s devotees have waited three years for “Attack of the Clones” and outside Merle Hay Cinema in Des Moines, many of the fans sitting on the sidewalk are dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters, be they wookies, Jedis or Yodas. Theatre spokeswoman Angel Head expects a packed house tonight and she’ll try to keep them entertained until showtime with a costume contest, a trivia contest and various door prize drawings. Head says it’s a good chance for people to do something that’s entertaining and cheap. She calls it a national holiday for “Star Wars” fans.A study estimates there’ll be 319-million dollars in lost productivity and wages today nationwide because of this film’s release. Head says some people in line have, or soon will, call in sick to work so they can hold a place in line for one of the 800 seats.Head says many of the people in line say they’re taking a vacation day, though some students claim they’re on extended visits to the dentist.The ticket line started forming this morning at six o’clock as mall rules prohibited overnight camping.