The F-B-I is expected to announce a major reorganization Wednesday, something that’s being welcomed by one of the Bureau’s chief critics in Congress. The nation’s top investigative agency has been at the center of Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley’s bullseye for years, following incidents at Ruby Ridge, Waco, and most-recently on September 11th. Grassley says the F-B-I overhaul is badly needed and hopes it’ll go far enough.Grassley says F-B-I director Robert Mueller “has his heart in the right spot” as he attempts to make significant changes in the bureau’s structure and its problems. He says Mueller is attempting to make a change, but Grassley says the announcement of changes isn’t proof that things have changed. Grassley says the bureau’s brass ignored reports from agents in Minnesota and Arizona prior to nine-eleven, which offered clues that some say could have prevented or hindered the terrorist attacks.