Three democrats are vying for a shot at northeast Iowa’s Congressional seat. The incumbent in the new First Congressional district is Jim Nussle, a republican. Former Congressman Dave Nagle of Waterloo has twice run against Nussle and lost. Nagle, who’s a lawyer, says after an economic slide, voters may be ready to reconsider sending Nussle to Washington. Nagle, who served as chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party in the early 1980s, says his experience and commitment to the Democratic Party make him the best candidate. He accuses opponent Ann Hutchinson, the Mayor of Bettendorf, of being a Johnny-Come-Lately to the party after recently changing parties.Hutchinson says she grew up a democrat, and has always voted for the person, not the party. Hutchinson, who’s been Bettendorf’s Mayor for the past 15 years, says her number one goal as a member of Congress would be economic development. She says they need to rebuild the streets. sewers and bridges and the national rail system. The third candidate in the race, Denny Heath of Clinton, says campaign finance reform will be his top priority. Heath, who’s a railroad conductor, has an idea.Heath would do away with private financing of campaigns and instead set up five new t-v channels that would be for candidates only.