More tests will be needed on the body of a baby found at a Storm Lake recycling center. Buena Vista County sheriff Chuck Eddy says so far the state medical examiner’s determined a few things about the small body. He says it was a boy with dark hair, apparently 24-to-48-hours old when it died, and they don’t know much else except that the child was not black. Sheriff Eddy says local officials are doing all they can to identify the infant and discover who might have dumped it in the trash.The D-C-I, sheriff’s department, Storm Lake police have been interviewing hospital workers and garbage men, as well as doctors and human-service workers who might know of someone who was recently pregnant. Eddy says more answers could still come from the state medical examiner’s office. They may still be able to determine the child’s race, and possibly the cause of death. The sheriff says there aren’t many clues in the recycling material in which the child’s body was found.He says it could have been from anywhere in the county and had been gathered since the previous Friday to go through the recycling process. Eddy says some materials found near the infant’s body might hold a clue to where it was put into the recycling. He mentions some old time cards from a decade ago, which bear names, and says whoever threw them away should call the sheriff’s office. The infant’s body had gone through a compost shredder before it was found at the recycling center.