An official representing Iowa’s casinos says a new study dispels some of the myths about gamblers. Wes Ehrecke of the Iowa Gaming Association says the national study dispels the myth that gamblers are low-income people who’re spending money that should be spent for food and other necessities. Ehrecke says the American Gaming Association study shows the average income for a casino visitor is 50-thousand dollars, while the U-S average is 41-thousand. He says casino patrons are just average Americans.He says they tend to fly the flag more, exercise more and read the paper more than the average U-S citizen. He says casino visitors are spending their dollars on gambling just as they would for a round of golf, a ballgame or any other form of entertainment. Ehrecke says Iowa casino goers are no different.He says in Iowa, the average person spends about 46 dollars when they go to a casino. Ehrecke says this is about what they’d spend going to a sporting event or on some other form of entertainment. Iowans will go to the polls in November to vote whether to continue gambling in the state. Ehrecke feels it’s a viable form of entertainment.He says the survey indicates a vast majority of people in the Midwest feel casinos are a legitimate form of entertainment. For more information on the survey, surf to