While Iowa’s the national leader in producing pork, soybeans, eggs and corn, post-nine-eleven security measures may soon gum up the state’s trade efforts.Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge briefed some 200 U-S House members on Wednesday, including Congressman Tom Latham. The Iowa republican says it’s becoming clear, the intensified screenings of cargo-carrying planes, barges, trucks and railcars could have an impact on the Hawkeye State. Latham says “it certainly could be a real hindrance to international imports, exports also internally” but he says the process is being streamlined.Latham says advances in technologies are making it possible to X-ray entire semi-trucks or barges at once.Latham says there’s a lot of expensive security work ahead but says “it is absolutely essential that we do everything possible…to make sure that we are safe at home” and that technological advances in many areas can do great deal of good.