Former Iowa State University wrestler Cael Sanderson is preparing to get back on the mat later this week at the World Team trials in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sanderson finished his collegiate career with four NCAA championships and an undefeated record, but hasn’t competed since April. He says all the time off is unusual and he’s had to get used to changing the way he trains with a lot of time off in-between. Sanderson began working in the ISU athletic department June 1st as a special assistant to the athletic director. He’s also been making all kinds of public appearances, such as singing at a Chicago Cubs game. He says singing was “probably the worst part of it.”Sanderson admits his total focus on wrestling was partly to blame for his off-key rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”A long line of people waited at an Ames store this past weekend for Sanderson to autograph Wheaties cereal boxes. While he’s well known in the state, he says people outside Iowa aren’t always so quick to recognize him. He says they’re usually nice when he’s introduced, but says they don’t come running up to him at malls.Sanderson will wrestle in the World Team trials Sunday.