A man walked across Creston Thursday, after he walked all the way from the West Coast to get there. Tom Beck says he’s doing it for the American Diabetes Association.He started April 28 in Washington State and wants to draw attention to the association and to the steps diabetics can take to control their own disease, like diet and exercise. Beck says he’s at about the halfway point of his trip and making about 35 miles a day. He had to make a couple detours for road construction and weather but has logged just about sixteen hundred miles. Beck hopes to finish the last 150 miles along an old trail from Cumberland, Maryland to Washington D-C sometime in September. His fiancée drives along towing a trailer and finding places where they’ll camp for the night, while all he has to do is “put one foot in front of another. Beck says you can follow his progress on a website, and a lot of people are doing so. www.walkusa.org even put him in touch with another man who’s running from San Diego to Washington, and they hope to meet up.