Senator Charles Grassley says the bill the Senate passed law night doesn’t go far enough to reform accounting practices in corporate America. He says other members of the Senate are irritated they were denied the opportunity to make the bill stronger.However, the Senate-passed legislation is tougher than what has already passed the House, and the President opposes some of the measures in the Senate plan. The issue now is to be resolved in a conference committee made up of House and Senate members. But Grassley, who’s a republican, had more ideas that weren’t even considered as the Senate debated the bill.Grassley wants to set up a team of “roving” government auditors that can go into any U-S business and review the books. Grassley says there are random audits already for banks and tax-preparers. Iowa’s other U-S Senator, democrat Tom Harkin, “applauds” the bill passed last night by the Senate because the legislation would make it easier to send corporate executives to jail for fudging the books or shredding important documents. The bill passed on a 97-to-zero vote.