A southeast Iowa man was killed in the crash of an all-terrain vehicle in Van Buren County on Sunday, the fourth fatal A-T-V wreck in the state this year, while nearly four-dozen injuries have been reported. Rod Slings, the state D-N-R’s recreational safety supervisor, says the number of A-T-V riders getting hurt keeps going up every year.Slings says too many A-T-V operators are carrying a passenger, which is not recommended on most machines. He says many operators, too, make the mistake of underestimating the power of an A-T-V, lose control and wreck.In 1997, there were 39 injuries in A-T-V wrecks reported to the state. The number was 47 in 1998 and 71 last year, while we’re up to 49 this year. The number of deaths has stayed consistent over the past several years, with three or four per year. Slings says A-T-V operators should get some training and experience on the machines before taking off.Kids under 12 are forbidden to drive an A-T-V in Iowa. A-T-V classes are required for people to operate on state-owned A-T-V areas. For more information about the state’s training course, call 800-887-2887. Slings says only about ten-percent of the A-T-Vs in Iowa are registered, and so far, 23-thousand are registered.