Hundreds of thousands of people will attend the Iowa State Fair over the next week and a half — and hundreds of them will get hurt.Warm weather can be one of the best magnets for the fair, but hot weather can cause dehydration, sunburn and worse problems. Bobbie Bishop, spokeswoman for the Central Iowa chapter of the American Red Cross, says there’s an easy way to avoid getting overheated.Fairgoers are reminded to drink plenty of water, wear sunblock and light-colored, lightweight clothes. Bishop says one of the most common health problems fairgoers experience is blisters on their feet. She says to wear comfortable shoes, and parents, don’t try to make your kids break in their new school shoes while tromping around the fairgrounds. Bishop says insects are also a problem at the fair — not just mosquitoes, but bees.The Red Cross will have two first aid booths at the fair — where Bishop predicts many people will be treated for bee stings on their mouths as the plentiful pests often hide in pop cans. The fair opens tomorrow (Thursday) in Des Moines.