White supremacists from Iowa will head for Kansas in a week and a half, for a rally in Topeka. Mike Schmidt of Cedar Rapids says members of the “National Socialist Movement” are following the trial of two men mistakenly released early from jail in December 2000.He says Kansas is the focus of a hate-crime trial because of a crime against five young white people by what he calls “two black savages.” The suspects are charged with attacking, robbing and shooting their victims. Some Kansas residents are protesting the mistake that allowed the suspects to be released early on a parole violation. But Schmidt says the N-S-M is going to protest hate-crime legislation, because it’s not applied in this case but often is used against white offenders. He says the problem with the law is charging someone with what they were thinking when a crime was committed, and he says the law’s used mostly against white people. The NSM, he says, is “for” the advancement of the white race, supporting the interests of family, race and nation. Schmidt says the National Socialist Movement has flyers encouraging people to join the white-power group.He says they contain the phrase “when you’ve had enough of diversity, contact us.” The group supports English-Only legislation and its website contains anti-Semitic writings, calls to racist belief, online merchandise with Nazi logos, and links to other white-power sites on the Internet. A notice for the Kansas rally advises members described as “storm troops” that this is a uniformed event.