For some folks, it’s not the livestock, wild rides or even the butter cow that make the Iowa State Fair so alluring — it’s the fair food. But, don’t try to eat one of everything.From guinea grinders to elephant ears and pork tenderloins as big as your head, the fair is not a haven for healthy eating. Wendy Macke, a dietician at the Iowa Heart Center says it’s okay to splurge on tasty treats, just don’t overdo it.Macke suggests eating a good meal before going to the fair so you might not be tempted to overindulge — that, or plan to do a lot of walking. Macke says some fair food isn’t bad — like turkey legs without the skin, corn-on-the cob, kettlecorn and fresh fruit.Macke says virtually anything on a stick will be deep-fat-fried and likely isn’t too good for you. Moderation and portion control are keys to healthy eating. Some things she says to steer away from include pork tenderloins, corn dogs, potato skins and funnel cakes.