The state veterinarian is advising Iowans to vaccinate their horses against the West Nile Virus. Dr. John Schlitz says there is no cure for horses who have been infected by a mosquito bearing the West Nile Virus.He says it’s fatal for horses in about 30 percent of the cases. He says no horses in Iowa have died from the disease thus far.He says there’ve been confirmed cases of horse deaths from West Nile in South Dakota, and he expects there will eventually be some in Iowa. Schiltz is also asking that horse owners keep an eye on their animals for signs of the disease such as, stumbling, incordination and listlessness.Schiltz asks that you report any suspected cases to his office immediately at 515-281-5305. Many Iowans will see horses at the State Fair, but Schiltz says there’s no need to worry about possibly getting the disease from them.Schiltz says the disease can’t be transmitted from horses to humans or other animals. The West Nile Virus has now been confirmed in 24 of Iowa’s 99 counties.