Governor Tom Vilsack wants a statewide child kidnapping alert system in place in 90 days. Vilsack says they hope they never have to use the system, but want it in place.The so-called “Amber Alert” system, launched in Texas, was used in California recently to track two high school girls who’d been kidnapped from a “Lover’s Lane.” Attorney General Tom Miller says the recent abductions call attention to the need for a comprehensive alert system. Vilsack has named a task force to devise the rules for an emergency alert system that’d send critical information for broadcast on Iowa radio and t-v stations. Iowa Broadcasters Association executive director Sue Toma says the association’s board of directors has, for the past six months, been studying how the Amber Alert system operates in other states. She says they’ve learned it takes a strong working team to put an effective plan together.Clinton County Sheriff Rick Lincoln says local officials have made great strides in working with the media to get the public’s help in solving crimes. Vilsack says the move to have a statewide alert system for kidnappings is not an indictment of current law enforcement efforts. He says it’s the opportunity to get the public more involved in using the power of radio and tv to send out quick messages.It’s most likely the kidnapping alert system would be similar to the one used to warn Iowans of tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.