Blue ribbons go to pies, pigs and pickles at the Iowa State Fair, but one winner’s prize will be a trip to the White House. Artists who are proficient in decorating the delicate shell of an egg will compete in the “White House Easter Egg Contest.” The egg judged most egg-cellent will be sent to Washington D-C for a display in the Executive Mansion next spring — and the artist gets to go too. Holly Sorge from the sponsoring Iowa Egg Council. It has to be a large egg without a base and all the contents have to be removed.Sorge says the eggs have to depict something Iowan. She says the overall goal is an egg that best represents the state that makes people think about Iowa. First Lady Christy Vilsack is among the five judges who’ll determine which artist will take their oblong oval to the White House. The judging is slated for Thursday between three and four P-M.