Calling it “the future of television,” officials from Iowa Public T-V are giving central Iowa a taste of wide-screen high-definition T-V this month. Jennifer Glover Konfrst spokeswoman for I-P-T-V, says the broadcasting system is leading the way with the new technology. Iowa Public T-V is offering the “high-def” or H-D-T-V during August with live coverage nightly from the Iowa State Fair in addition to a variety of Iowa-produced and national programming. Glover Konfrst says H-D-T-V’s are expensive, butthey’re slowly catching on. As the name suggests, high definition T-V provides the viewer with a very vivid view, and Glover Konfrst says people are amazed by the clarity from the wider “letter-box” tube. The signal is visible through August on channel 50 in central Iowa as far north as Fort Dodge. I-P-T-V’s digital transmitters are under construction in Sioux City and Cedar Rapids/Waterloo and should be operational next year. Glover Konfrst says Iowa State Fair-goers can see side-by-side comparisons ofregular versus H-D-T-V at the I-P-T-V booth.