Democrat Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, Al Gore’s running-mate in 2000, was at the State Fair shortly after Bush — and delivered a blisteringanalysis of Bush’s performance as steward of the nation’s economy. Lieberman says Bush’s economic summit in Texas on Tuesday was more like a valley thana summit which may lead the country to a double dig recession. Lieberman says the economy’s in trouble and Bush has had no economic growth strategy.Lieberman says what was heard at the summit was a replay of old ideas that haven’t worked. Lieberman says as strong as Bush has been in responding tothe terrorist attacks on September 11th, he’s been weak in responding to our economic recession. Lieberman says Bush, and Congress, need to do better,together. Lieberman campaigned with several Iowa Democrats yesterday, and was the main attraction at a private fundraiser last night for GovernorVilsack.