Former Iowa football player Benny Sapp has transferred to Northern Iowa. Sapp was kicked off the Iowa team by coach Kirk Ferentz on August 8th following an alcohol-related arrest in Iowa City. U-N-I athletic director Rick Hartzell says the U-N-I football staff has put some “pretty serious restrictions” on Sapp and laid out the criteria he needs to follow. Hartzell says Sapp has passed every test U-N-I put before him. Hartzell feels everyone deserves a second chance.Hartzell says Sapp’s a young guy who means well and can straighten himself out and move ahead. Hartzell says as a father, he’d hope someone would give his kids a second chance if they had an “unfortunate incident” like Sapp did. Sapp has two years of eligibility remaining. The Panthers open the season Thursday night at home against Wayne State of Michigan.