Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says livestock producers aren’t getting a fair shake from the federal farm bill if they feed the grain they grow to their animals. Grassley, a republican, says the democrats who wrote that portion of the massive farm bill made a mistake to try and save money.Grassley says he’s hearing constant complaints about this area of the farm bill. He says “That is cheating livestock producers and giving them unfair support” as farmers who feed their grain to their animals can only get 75-percent of the county average in compensation. Grassley says many leaders are now appealing to the U-S Secretary of Agriculture to “fix” the problem, but he says it’s already law. He says it’s the fault of the people who wrote the farm bill. He says he has rarely voted against a farm bill, but feels he was justified in voting against this one.He says if there’s any way Ag Secretary Ann Veneman “legally can find her way around that 75-percent requirement to be more fair to farmers, I’d like to have her do it.”