Volunteers are needed for a University of Iowa study using a new drug to target the brain-destroying Parkinson’s Disease. Doctor Robert Rodnitzky , a U-of-I neurology professor, is heading up the research.Unlike other medications now being used that only treat the symptoms, it’s hoped this new drug will be able to slow down or even halt the progression of the disease. Dr. Rodnitzky says he’s looking for volunteers who’ve found out they’re afflicted within the past few years.They need to be newly diagnosed and not yet started on medication. Rodnitzky says the drug that’ll be used doesn’t even have a name yet, just a code. He says perhaps ten-thousand Iowans have Parkinson’s Disease and he hopes at least several dozen will sign up for the study.They’ll have to be able to travel to Iowa City roughly every three months over two years. For more information, call (319) 356-8958.