Some 70,000 football fans will head for Iowa City on Saturday and they’ll have to abide by stricter security measures. University of Iowa officials are instituting what they call “Safe Saturday” rules for the Hawkeye season opener against Akron in Kinnick Stadium. Vice president for student services Phillip Jones says it’s “a matter of trying to increase the amount of courtesy and consideration within the stadium and to keep people safe.” Forbidden items include: umbrellas, signs, cans and all bottles except clear plastic, sealed bottles of water. Also, all items, from purses to binocular cases, will be subject to search — and so will the fans themselves. Another change, Jones says anyone who leaves Kinnick will NOT be readmitted to the game. Panel and rented trucks will be banned from parking in Lot 6, just south of the Field House. It’s for passenger vehicles only. For a full rundown of the Safe Saturday rules, consult “”.Over 40,000 fans are expected to be in Ames Saturday for Iowa State’s game with Kansas. ISU Department of Public Safety director Jerry Stewart says there’s just one small change in security from last year. Stewart says people with “fanny packs” and bags will be put in a separate line to get into the stadium. Stewart says the bags and fanny packs will be checked by security. He says several items will still be banned from inside Jack Trice Stadium. Bottles, video cameras, chairs, fruit and umbrellas will be banned. Stewart says extra checks of bags, purses and other items instituted since the attacks of 9-11 haven’t caused any major complaints from fans. Stewart says fans have been very patient and he’s seen them thanking officers for taking the extra steps to make sure the event is safe. Stewart says fans may notice a few new things outside the stadium, thanks to some summer construction. He says the whole east side of the stadium is now paved parking lots.