Campgrounds began filling up late this week as Iowans looked to take advantage of the great outdoors on this last holiday weekend of the summer. Iowa Department of Natural Resources spokesman Mick Klemesrud (KLEM’-uhs-rood) says it unofficially looks like more people have taken the Winnebagos and Airstreams out this summer. He says the final numbers won’t be in until October, but in the time he’s spent camping, it looks like the numbers will be up. Klemesrud says if you’re still heading out, you might want to take some campfire fuel. There’s been a whole summer of camping, so firewood supplies at many state parks may be getting low. He says the bug repellent is especially important with the threat of mosquitoes and the West Nile virus. He doesn’t believe any of the parks are sprayed for mosquitoes. Klemesrud asks everyone to be good stewards of Iowa’s outdoor areas. He says you should leave the campground the way you would like to find it. Klemesrud says the D-N-R is posting information on avoiding mosquito bites and the West Nile Virus at campgrounds