Residents and students in a small northeast Iowa school district get a thrill when they see Governor Tom Vilsack wear a particular hat. Vilsack dons a Turkey Valley baseball cap, as it has the initials T.V. on it, when he goes on his annual summer walking tour of small town Iowa. Ken Winter is principal at Turkey Valley high school. Winter says Vilsack was given a Turkey Valley cap a couple of years ago when the Governor took one of his “walks” through small town Iowa. Winter says the local folks keep an eye out for the cap when they see Vilsack in the news. It’s a black cap, with a red bill. The T.V. is in white script. Vilsack gets comments and questions about the hat when he wears it. The Governor wore it last week as he walked through small towns in northeast Iowa. Turkey Valley has about 600 students in K-through-12 and is a consolidated district in the southwest corner of Winneshiek County, with a high school building in Jackson Junction.