Democrat Attorney General Tom Miller says his Republican rival, Dave Millage, “doesn’t know what he’s talking about” when Millage charges Miller has used his office for partisan politics. Millage says Miller should not have filed a “friend of the court” brief supporting Al Gore’s side in the Supreme Court case that decided the 2000 election, as it dealt with Florida election law. Miller says it goes deeper. Miller says he and 11 other Democrat Attorneys General filed “friend of the court” briefs to argue the principles of state law and state courts. He says the Bush campaign had argued that a state court judiciary was changing the law if they interpreted the law, inviting all sorts of constitutional challenges. Miller says it was very important issue for states and says Millage apparently doesn’t know that. Miller says the Supreme Court eventually ruled in favor of the state court’s position, although the entire court ruling ended up helping make Bush President. Millage says there was no benefit to the state of Iowa from Miller getting involved in the case.